Monday, February 9, 2009

It's time

Days above freezing, nights below freezing.

That's when the sap runs in the maple trees. That's the kind of weather we're predicted to have starting this past weekend.

Although I don't care for maple syrup, I look forward to its season. It has become a marker for me that winter is winding down and spring is coming.

We leave the buckets on the trees until the leaves start budding out. The sap gets bitter (I think?) when that happens. But by that point, there's no denying that spring is almost here.

We don't have sugar maples. You don't have to have sugar maples to make syrup, it just takes more sap to make the syrup. You can even tap box elder trees, I've heard, as they are in the maple family. You'll just be cooking it down for a long time.

Me? I'll take my peach syrup any day over maple. Of course, I'll take Mrs. Butterworth's over real maple, too. I'm weird like that.

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  1. We love real maple syrup! We have never made our own syrup though! Maybe next year!

  2. Wow! I never knew anyone who made their own syrup before. I'm a Aunt Jemima girl myself, no real for me. So, you're not alone!

    Have a happy Tuesday!


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