Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're home!

I took this picture at the shuffleboard courts one evening after 8:00.

I couldn't quite believe it was still above 70º that late in the day. I miss it already.

The weather didn't continue to be as nice as that all week but we always figure a bad day in Florida is still 30º-50º warmer than Michigan.

Am I the only one who thinks it ironic that this thermometer in Florida advertises snowmobiles?

We had a great trip-lots of fun with Grandpa and Grandma, and a nice visit with Aunt Sharon (she sent some goodies home with us that I'll have to take pictures of to share here. Stay tuned, Kathy, because she thinks I should share some of them with you. Of course, she left the final decision up to me and the voice of my conscience. Hmm... ;-)

We made good time coming home, although we had snow in Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Once we hit Ohio around dinnertime, we decided to see if we could make it home rather than stop for the night. We pulled in between 12:30 and 1 this morning and got to sleep in our own cold beds. I turned the thermostat down before we left and it takes a long time to warm the house back up. Thank goodness for corn cuddlers.

Tomorrow is back to normal. Swim classes, quiz practice, Wednesday evening church activities. I think I'm ready for another vacation.
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  1. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things when you get back home!! I hope you transition well! WELCOME HOME!

  2. I missed you! I kept looking for an update -

    So glad you had a great trip! Nothing like taking a break and hitting the warm weather for a little while!

    Can't wait to see those goodies!

    Hope you've got the house warmed up and get back into the swing of things!

  3. Yay! you're home! And just in time for the mid 40 degree weather this weekend, good timing:>) I trust your conscience will make the right decision and let me have some of those goodies from Aunt Sharon! I'm home with the flu today:>(

  4. Welcome home!!! So glad you enjoyed the warm weather!!! I know I did too in December!

  5. Wecome back!

    I can't wait to get to FL ourselves in a couple of weeks.

    Hopefully, things are just a bit warmer than your last couple of days there.


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