Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Linens from Aunt Sharon

When we visited Aunt Sharon in Florida, she sent a big box of linens home with us.

Aunt Sharon left it to my discretion as to whether or not I shared them with Kathy. She was sure the voice of my conscience would be my guide. My conscience has laryngitis right now.

I love this pillowcase. The lighting makes it hard to see that the stitching is pale blue.

As you can see, I didn't iron any of these before taking my pics. I worried that any stains they have might be harder to remove if I ironed them in. Kathy has a lot more experience in handling these fragile pieces and I thought it best to err on the side of caution and consult her. Oh, I guess that means I'll have to share after all, doesn't it?

Aunt Sharon said these monogrammed pillowcases were on my grandparents' bed for years. They are that extra soft texture that today's cases don't seem to have.

I don't remember them, which surprised me considering that when I was little, I took naps in their bed. Grandma would lay down with my sister and me and immediately fall asleep. Penny and I would lay there, listening to the extremely loud clock ticking, unable to block out the clock's noise long enough to fall asleep.

It was traumatic.

I have my memories of the ticking clock but these pillowcases don't show up in my memories at all. I guess Kathy can have them. I'm so generous, don't you think? Especially since the monogram works for her and Earl, but not for Clarence and me. Yep, generous to a fault.

I am in love with this apron. Hard to see in my photo, but it has embroidery at the top that looks like a little collar. So cute!

Kathy is swamped right now, working two jobs, so I think it will be a while before we get together and go through all the treasures. She is so creative with old linens that I'm sure she'll be formulating ideas just from these few glimpses.
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  1. You said what? Aunt Sharon sent them ALL for me? What a sweetie, I know your consiencewill do the right thing:>)

  2. i love old linens too! i really love the apron. i recently found some lovely hankies at a thrift store.

    the ticking clock . . . my sister and my daughters can share your trauma. ;) my mom has a grandfather clock and none of us can sleep well when we sleep over because of it.


  3. That WAS a scary clock...amde for the stuff of nightmares, it did! LOL! Have a good one, sis!



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