Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camp fun

The camp Allison is attending this week takes pics of the kids each day and posts them on their website.

Apparently, she's making new friends.

It has been hot this week (90ish) and last night was really stormy. The camp is only about 20 minutes away so I was pretty concerned about what the weather was like for them. We lost electricity and our phone last night. Hopefully, it wasn't too scary for the kids-or the horses.
Doing what she loves the most...
Tomorrow morning Julianne and I will go sit in the direct sunlight (no shade whatsoever!-and another 90ยบ day!) and watch a bunch of kids we don't know ride around the corral doing specific things (all doing the same specific things, of course), for an hour or so, waiting to see Allison show off what she's been doing all week. I've described it quite vividly to Aunt Penny and Grandma M.-and for some reason, no one else plans to accompany us. Imagine that?!?
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  1. Karen I love your blog, it makes you seem so close when i hear you talking about everyday pleasures!! You are right about the wonderful stuff from the garden, what a treat. You know you cannot count on your sister or mother for any support at all. LOL. i don't understand how they could miss such a treat. have a fun day. LAS


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