Friday, July 11, 2008

More Nationals chatter

This is a picture taken near our dorm. There were several of these little drainage ponds scattered around the dorms. On Monday when we arrived, there was more water standing in them. Today, this was the only one that was wet. Monday Josh, one of the boys on our team, took a look at one of these and announced "That better not be the pool!" I laughed thinking about it every time I walked past one.

Fortunately, the kids were able to find the pool and enjoyed swimming every night.

We arrived home safely this evening. Our 18 yo neighbor who was taking care of the animals was here. He had mowed the lawn for us, too! What a sweet surprise, especially since rain is predicted for tomorrow.

I am anxious to sleep in my own bed tonight. Laundry is started and will continue tomorrow. Allison leaves for horse camp on Sunday, so there's no putting it off. Then there's the weeding to catch up, and getting the trailer ready for family camp, and...
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  1. But how did the girls place in Nationals? Second? Call me tomorrow:>)

  2. You have been given an award! Check out my blog!

    What kind of quizzing did they do? And how did they do? :)

  3. Kareny you are working too hard honey. Please sit down with a coc and put your feet up. A deep breath would also help!! These girls are doubly blessed to have parents like you. LAS


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