Monday, July 14, 2008

Totally unrelated thoughts

Yesterday afternoon we took Allison to horse camp for the week. She is thrilled. Surely, she cannot be my child, can she? She is unconcerned about using pit toilets all week. [huge shudder] She is happy to muck out horse stalls, pick horse's hooves, brush horses down, and, of course, ride horses. None of which appeals to me in the least. Julianne, I believe, shares my shock and horror.
We miss her a lot but know she is having a wonderful time around those stinky, nasty horses. Oh, and the donkey and goats and sheep. Ick!

Here is a picture Julianne took of one of my roses yesterday. The girls had asked what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told them "love and obedience". Julianne gave me two rose bushes instead-but named them "love" and "obedience". LOL This is love in the picture.
After reading the comments left on my last entry, I realized that I didn't explain Quiz nationals very well. The girls are on a Bible quiz team. They quizzed over the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Their team was undefeated in the round robin 2-day competition but ultimately came in second overall in their division. The first place team was the only team they lost to and it was close all the way. They had 19 quizzes between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and only lost two of those quizzes. Have I mentioned how proud of them we are? ;-)

Next year they will be studying Luke.
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  1. How cute is that picture of Allison!? I think she takes after her father in the animal department, lol. I hope she has a perfectly wonderful time!

  2. So awesome about the quizzing - great way to learn scripture!

    By the way, I have several horse loving girls too. In fact we have 2 horses living in our back pasture. For a girl from California it is amazing to me still to see horses in the "back yard". :)


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