Monday, July 28, 2008

A visit from Leta

I know I've been gone a long time. We've been away at family camp the last 10 days-took the trailer over the same night Allison returned from horse camp. Doesn't this group look like trouble? (I'm not sure why the coloring is so odd-a better picture follows but I stuck this one in anyhow so we'd have Julianne in it as well.)

Emily needed someone to watch Leta the first weekend so we brought her along camping. When she was supposed to go home, she didn't want to leave so we invited her to come back whenever it worked for Emily. Grandpa picked her up on his way home from work Wednesday and she stayed with us until Sunday. The aunts are particularly exhausted, I think.

Anyhow, she was able to go to the 3-4 year old classes during the adult services and came back with this beautiful artwork painted on her face Saturday. She loved it and didn't want her face washed all day.

Aunt Julianne and Auntie Alli kept her busy a lot of the time. They took her to the playground, joined her in playing with the toys she brought along, watched Veggie Tales with her, took her for the horse/wagon ride most days. Grandpa and the aunties took her to the beach so she could go swimming. By Saturday night, she was worn out and fell asleep at the dinner table. She missed her mom and dad a time or two, but simply mentioned it in conversation-didn't have a fit or anything.

Camp was a lot of fun, as usual. The services were thought-provoking as well as uplifting. Although having a 4 year old around for an extended visit is a radical change for us, we had a lot of fun having Miss Leta come camping with us. We're looking forward to having her stay again next year.
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  1. Oh my, that is some fancy artwork on Leta's face! She is such a cutie pie, as are her aunts:>) See you tomorrow girls!


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