Monday, July 7, 2008

Burn, baby, burn...or not

These daylilies are on the hillside between the driveway and back yard. I don't mind them there too much. We have others on the hillside between the new terraces and the driveway, tho, that I have been trying to get rid of with my weed burner. I finally quit torching them when the remaining ones started to bud.
We have been exploring many books this spring/summer on edible landscaping and edible flowers. These carefree, invasive flowers are among the edibles so last night we tried some on salad. They are surprisingly sweet flavored. Julianne read that the lighter colors are sweeter as a general rule, and darker ones can be bitter. So, if you want to try yours, you might want to taste test before adding them to your salad.

Oh, and another little note-the book said that daylily can be somewhat diuretic so enjoy them in moderation.
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  1. We hae tried them in salad too and the petals have a nice crisp feel and taste good. They also make the salad pretty! Of course you sould only use flowers that have not been sprayed with any kind of bug killer or lawn spray:>)

  2. Karen, I am so bad at keeping up. I love your blog so far. Let me know how the Bible quiz is going, I know that they will be outstanding. A teenager? Impossible!! BTW I did get the game and thanks very much. I won't be able to forget Julianne's b'day now, will I? LAS

  3. Kathy,

    I don't use any sprays-just my flame thrower. Keeps it all safe to eat that way.

    Clarence says if you don't hoe it or mow it, burn it.

    I do so love my flame thrower!


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