Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slowly getting there...

I am waiting, not very patiently, for these baby zucchinis to grow. I have a wonderful recipe that I am planning to share with you when the zucchini are big enough to use. I can hardly wait! I once bought some zucchini in the store that had the most unpleasant flavor, like they were moldy or something, though they looked fine. I've pretty much sworn off of store-bought zucchini ever since. That makes the home grown ones so much better, after months of deprivation.
The zucchini have their own terrace out front. I'm still waiting for the promised "they will smother out any weeds under them" phase. So far, it hasn't been true. Usually, they are in the larger back yard garden but we are trying various things in the front yard garden to see how each will do. Hopefully, we will be better able to plan for next year's front yard garden. We are already planning on adding copious amounts of compost this fall. The mostly clay soil got some peat added to amend it this spring (not enough compost ready to use) but I find it still crusts over and cracks in this dry weather.
We will soon have green peppers to use from the front terraces. These are on one of the plants we bought-the ones we started from seed aren't this far along. I'm hoping the harvest will be spread out over a nice long time as a result.

Julianne harvested some basil yesterday for her lunch. We are quite fond of variations on a sandwich we had once at Ikea. I don't remember what the bread was but I always make a braided onion bread for them. The only component we always have is the roasted red peppers-Ikea uses fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a balsamic vinaigrette. It's yummy. I don't often have both fresh mozzarella and basil on hand so we've reinvented many times. Yesterday, we had cream cheese with fresh chives chopped into it spread on the bread. Jarred red peppers next, then either the leftover pesto from the fridge or fresh basil leaves. It seems hard to ruin that sandwich, I tell ya, and it's great to have something that tastes a little special without having to cook.

I love that we are almost ready to harvest the first green beans. And the peppers. Now if my zucchini would just hurry up!
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