Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teenager in the house!

Thirteen years ago we welcomed this wonderful girl into our family. Today, my cousin and his wife welcomed their first child, a son, into their family. Julianne is thrilled-she said that was the best present of all. (We’ve prayed and prayed for them, both before and all during this pregnancy-so I think she feels particularly excited about sharing a birthday with such a special blessing.)

We had a pretty low-key day today. Julianne chose the dinner menu once again and opened her gifts from Allison and us.

Clarence and I have been laughing because one item on Julianne’s gift idea list was a library card. Yep, a *free* library card. Poor child, her mother has never bothered signing her up for one at the library we frequent the most. So, last week she and I did the necessary paperwork. Her card came in the mail Saturday so, cruel mother that I am, I added the envelope to her gift.LOL Clarence’s coworkers want him to bring them some of our water. They can’t believe how easy to please these girls are.

Julianne-your dad and I are so thankful God blessed us with you. You have so many talents and gifts-we are often amazed at everything you can do. I am thankful for your helpfulness, and how you always help with a cheerful attitude. I am thrilled to know your heart for God and your desire to put Him first in your life. I am so happy to know that you are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside. I am excited as you enter this next stage of life. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
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  1. Happy birthday again niece! You get more beautiful, fun and wonderful every year:>) Sweet library card!

  2. Don't you love how surprised people are at kids who are happy with the simple things?

    Congratulations on raising a daughter who loves the Lord.


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