Saturday, November 15, 2008

A beautiful gift!

I was the lucky winner of a drawing celebrating Mrs. Rabe's 500th post.

The package arrived today during lunch-it's a good thing the girls and I stayed home after all. I would hate to think all this loveliness would have been sitting outside in the rain/snow mix we had falling all afternoon.

She sent the beautiful cup and saucer, along with the PG Tips tea she showed on her blog. But then she threw in a few other surprises...a cute autumn tea towel, some pretty floral memo pads, and a box of Good Earth tea which I thought particularly thoughtful and nice.

When I left my comment on her giveaway post, I told her that Good Earth is my favorite tea. It isn't available anywhere I've checked in my local area so I pick it up when we go to some of our homeschool activities. That makes this an even more special treat. I've only tried the Sweet and Spicy variety (this one is sweet & spicy cinnamon and orange) so I'm looking forward to tasting this kind, too.

Thank you so much Mrs. Rabe!

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Update on Belle:

More IV fluid this morning. There is small improvement we see in a couple areas. He is slightly more active and his urine isn't bloody (sorry!). The vet gave us pain meds to give him for three days. She's ordering another med on Monday (that she's out of right now) which is supposed to help with bladder spasms. We are continuing to force feed him every two hours. He still doesn't like it. Hopefully, we'll continue to see improvement throughout the rest of the weekend.
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