Sunday, November 16, 2008


Belle is steadily improving. He moves a little more each day and has started to eat on his own. We are still force feeding him some diluted food but he is picking at his regular food again. He seems less dehydrated when we check him, too. He also started cleaning himself, which he wasn't doing a couple days ago. His bladder issues seem to be significantly better as well, which is a big relief. We are all so thankful that he seems to be doing so much better. We think he may have decided to be a house cat once again.

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Join me in praying for Miss Paula and all the people affected by the California fires. She is requesting prayer for the victims, as well as the firemen and first responders. She is dealing with smoke and ash but says the fire shouldn't reach her. It is so hard for me to imagine living through something like that but I am praying for all those who have to experience it.
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  1. I am glad Belle is doing better, does this mean he can live in the house all the time now:>P? The photo of Lauren in the apron, the bowl was a prop. Yeah, nothing in it, now the secret is out. She would have spilled on it anyway so it's for the best. I dont know how that girl will feed herself when she moves away some day...*sigh*

  2. Oh Belle looks good! Kitties will do anything to be an indoor kittie!

    I am glad to hear she is better.

    I washed the first layer of ash this morning. It was black. Outside I am noticing the wind is picking up a little. Hopefully they are from the ocean and not from the fires.

    Thanks for your prayers everyone. Since we get more of the local news and see the damages, these people need hope! They have their families and that's about it. So sad to see.

  3. Ok, sorry but a girl has to defend herself here! Yes, the bowl was a prop this time, but I think we all know that I'm not incapable of cooking or baking...I just don't have time! Maybe next semester I'll have the chance to prove to you all that I CAN indeed cook. And if that is the case, then OF COURSE my favorite aunt/uncle/cousins will be invited! :) Love ya Keeka! And I'm glad to hear Belle is doing better as well.

  4. Belle is so sweet looking. I am so glad he was found and is improving. Bless his little kitty heart!!!!!

    Becky K.


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