Friday, November 14, 2008

A quick update

Belle is still with us. He is still dehydrated and not wanting to eat. He got more fluid via IV this morning, and we'll be going again tomorrow for more.

We are forcing him to eat every two hours throughout the daytime. Chicken baby food diluted with enough water to allow us to use a syringe to get it in his mouth. He doesn't really enjoy the process but is a sweetie about it all. It seems like he must be in some pain but he is not agressive in the least.

The vet says we'll know by Monday whether or not all this is going to work.

I am so thankful we found him. Every time we stroke his fur is especially sweet today. Every drink of water he takes is something to be thankful for. We are counting blessings for sure.


  1. I was thinking of Belle and wondering how he was and you posted an update! I hope tomorrow is an even better day for him!

  2. Oh poor Belle!

    I hope he recovers well!

    Maybe you girls can reschedule your girls weekend?

    Thanks for the update!


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