Friday, November 7, 2008

Progress report

This is the "before" picture of the end of our house. The trees make all the pictures dark and shadowy.

In process. Aluminum siding stripped off, rotten trim board replaced, new windows installed. We (I say that like I had anything whatsoever to do with it) added OSB over the old Celotex walls, then wrapped Tyvek over that. Already the house seems warmer and stronger. By stronger I mean the new door in the laundry room that my very dear brother installed doesn't make that whole end of the house shake when it gets closed. A huge improvement!

The "after" shot. The front still needs siding once our front door comes in (hopefully today-we'll see).

Then there's the living room end of the house. Sigh. That is not going so well. We are waiting on the window people to construct three stock windows into one unit to replace our large LR window.

Our smaller LR window, though, is what's really discouraging. It is installed but defective. They promised Clarence a replacement that was to arrive last Friday. Saturday morning, he took the defective window out, drove it over to their store, bought a couple things we still needed and went to have the replacement loaded. It wasn't there. I was NOT happy when he then had to spend more hours re-installing the defective window.

They are supposed to send a tech over to see what they need to do to fix it but that isn't going to happen until at least next week. Clarence had no choice but to proceed because the scaffolding had to go back Tuesday and the siding needed to be finished while the scaffolding was available. We are less than thrilled with the customer service we've received from the window place. A simple phone call saying the window didn't come in would have saved hours of work. Not to mention, having bought brand-name windows, I don't want a repaired window, I want the quality I paid for.

Things are on hold for now. The house is a wreck, inside and out, while we wait for the remaining door and windows. Drywall still needs repair inside and I am currently refusing to even think about paint.

Instead, I'm planning on a girl's getaway weekend next week with my girls and my best friend, going to see more good friends. Aah, now I'm starting to feel better.

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  1. You house sounds like what mine went through in the Summer, but my DH sent me to vacation in PA!!!

    Your house looks so great. It looks softer and warm to me!! I know about company's customer service. So far we have had good CS. We are still waiting for our LR and DR furniture. I hope it comes before Thanksgiving or else we will be eating on a card table!

  2. Oh wow Keeka. That's horrible! I'll totally be praying for you guys. You must be stressing out! I hope you have fun on your getaway!

  3. Looking good! I know it is stressful having the mess though. Have fun on your getaway and dont look back:>)

  4. The house looks great! How frustrating about the front window though!

    I hope they take care of it soon!

    Enjoy your weekend away!


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