Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swiss Chard to the rescue!

We planted "neon" chard in our front yard garden this summer. I chose it for the pretty colors, since it would be right out front. We like regular chard but never seem to harvest it before the bugs start eating holes in it. I figured this would at least be somewhat ornamental and help add color since we were growing veggies out there.

Surprisingly, (to me-Clarence wasn't surprised at all) Swiss Chard is quite cold tolerant. Even though we've had some nights in the 20s, the chard looks good.

I decided to use some of it for dinner tonight and asked the girls to go pick some for me. From inside, I heard their raised voices. It sounded like the beginning of an argument so I opened a window, not knowing where I was hearing them and asked what was going on.

They excitedly, tearfully, told me that Belle was out by our fish pond. When they went to pick the chard, they heard one little meow and went to investigate.

He looked bad. Weak, matted, tired. Allison thought his paw and tail were wounded but when I got a look, it looked wet and matted but I couldn't distinguish any injury.

Clarence was almost home so the girls stroked him and talked to him. He was calm but lethargic. When Clarence got here, he carefully looked for wounds and couldn't find any. We brought him inside in a box and called the vet. Thankfully, Clarence could take him in right away.

The vet said his UT was blocked. No more el-cheapo cat food. They gave him IV fluids and worked on the blockage. Hopefully, he will improve but we have to take him back in the morning to be checked. He isn't interested in eating. Clarence is at the store now to pick up wet food and chicken baby food. The vet thinks that might tempt him. Tuna isn't working.

So, our girls' weekend away is going to be cancelled. Someone has to cat-sit. The girls and I decided we will gladly give up our trip to have our Belle back again.

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  1. I came back to check on him. I think my yelling for him did some good!! He is found!! This is great great news!!! Amore' Bello!!

  2. I am glad you found hi, hopefully he will be ok. Can Comfort come and cheer him up for an extended period of time?

  3. oh my goodness! that's so sad, but I am glad he's alright. Poor kitty.

  4. So happy your kitty is home, and that you are loving her to health! Bless your family!


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