Monday, November 17, 2008

Trying to post every day

leads to a lot of boring posts. I'm sorry.

In the search for something to blog about, I could only come up with this for today.

The girls and I went to a warehouse sale on Friday at a place called Crazy Mountain Imports. A lot of the stuff we see at our local Hallmark store comes from them. They sell a wide assortment of things and the warehouse sale has a bit of everything. The timing is right because they hold their sale on a weekend right around opening day of deer season. It makes a great destination for deer hunting widows.

I went to look for inexpensive candles. I've gotten some nice candles for incredible prices in the past but this year I thought the candle prices weren't as great and I didn't find any scents I just had to have.

We came home instead with this candle warmer. They have them every year. I always look at them but decide against getting one. This year I caved. They have so many different designs that it gets hard to choose. There are two sizes-this size, which holds a large jar candle, and a votive holder size. The small ones were $3.00 and the large ones were $8.00 or 2/$10.00. Every time I see a cute one in the Hallmark store (for ~$25), I kick myself for passing these up and tell myself I'll get one next time. But I never have. Until now.

I picked up a hazelnut creme candle and have been happily melting it all weekend.

We bought a couple other things but I think I'll save those for the next time I can't think of anything to blog about. Like tomorrow.
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  1. Not boring at all! Sorry about the dropped calal. Brandon twshp doesn't have very good cell coverage I guess. Than I got home and had visitors and stuff to do and never got back to you. I'll try to finish our call tomorrow.
    Loe ya sis:>)

  2. Karen, never boring!!! I like to come by and hear and see new things! The candle warmer matches your blog background!

    Hazelnut creme sounds wonderful. Probably better than smoke...ugh!

    I did have my DH pick up a cinnamon one the other day for me. I like cinnamon in the Fall!

    Any word on the window situation?? Give Belle a pat on the head for me!!


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