Monday, November 24, 2008

For Aunt Sharon

As the girls and I sat at the dentist's office today waiting for our appointments, we watched big, fluffy flakes falling outside. It's the first pretty snowfall we've had this winter. It has done a little spitting and sputtering before today, but this was winter wonderland stuff.

Now, I'm no fan of winter as a general rule. But there is something to be said for how clean and pretty everything looks when blanketed with snow.

By the time we got home it was beginning to get dark and was warm enough that the snow was melting.

I knew Aunt Sharon, down in warm, sunny Florida, would want to see our first real snow of the season. She may only want to see it so she can remember why she moved, but I'm sure she wants to see it.

I think I'm ready to go visit her now.
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  1. I guess you don't have to "dream" of a White Christmas!

  2. My sister in law and her family and my mother in law all live in Florida.

    My sister in law and her family used to live in the finger lakes region in New York State. After many years as missionaries in Africa, they didn't fare too well in the cold and snow. Hence the move to Florida!

    I am sure they love to look at it still but not live in it anymore!

  3. I am sure that Aunt Sharon misses the beautiful snow! You are so thoughtful to share ours with her:>)


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