Thursday, November 27, 2008

The feast

We had a lovely time today at Earl and Kathy's house. We don't get together often enough any more so holidays at least give us a chance to try to catch up with each other.

Dinner was delicious and plentiful. We all bring something to help lighten the load. I made rolls and a salad. Earl warned me that salad doesn't go over too well at Thanksgiving with our family. He was right. I brought about 80% of it home again. We had salad for supper so it works for me.

My dear, darling brother (yes, Earl-he's the only brother I have) was kind enough to send these leftovers home with us, too. He has a specialty he makes for Thanksgiving every year. Pumpkin chocolate marbled cheesecake. Oh. my.

I think it's a good thing my picture doesn't look so pretty. You'd all be licking your monitors even though you are already stuffed from your own feasts.

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  1. Very sneaky! I didnt even know you had your camera down ther at the other end of the table! Ha, you can't see me in the picture, love that! We love you:>)

  2. 1) Notice that I managed to keep most of my face behind that candle? Still unidentifiable if I ever have to go underground!

    2) Try cheesecake for breakfast! The crust has whole-grain goodness; the eggs, cheese, and milk provide useful protein, and the pumpkin just must be loaded with beta carotene, don'tcha think?

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. It is always special to get together with family.

    My brother makes pumpkin cheese cake too, I wonder if he has ever made it marbled with with chocolate! That sounds so yummy!


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