Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

I'm no fan of fall. Yes, it's pretty when the leaves change color and you get the occasional warm day interspersed with the cooler ones. But it's a harbinger of the cold weather to come, which I really don't look forward to.

Today, however, is a perfect fall day. The temp is in the mid-70s, the leaves are starting to look pretty and haven't all been knocked off by incessant rains. The bug population is somewhat less than it was a month ago. Yep, it's a great day to go outside.

Mom gave us this gorgeous mum for our anniversary a couple weeks ago. I haven't decided where to plant it yet so I've just been enjoying it still potted. Better find it a home soon, I think.

We don't have a lot of red leaves around our yard but this yellow caught my eye as I was walking around. It'll be interesting to see how this view of the driveway changes over the next couple of weeks. We still have a significant amount of green in our trees.

Another aspect of fall is garden clean up. Yesterday Clarence was working on that and wondered what I wanted to do with my parsley. Later, he sent Allison to ask what I would like to do with a "volunteer" cilantro plant. Have you ever determined a menu based on one ingredient you have that you want to use? Yeah, me, too.

Last night's dinner included parsley potatoes (which I've never made before) and today's lunch was chicken tortilla soup. I know, I know. A gorgeous, warm autumn day and I left soup cooking in the crockpot for lunch. I couldn't help it-I just love snipping cilantro into the bowl and scooping the soup over it. Knowing I had fresh cilantro to use made it impossible to think of having anything else.

It might be an addiction.
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  1. Thanks for your nice comments! I love cilantro! I even like it cut up in salad!! MMMMmmm!! I like it in Tortilla soup!! Can you share the crock pot tortilla soup?? I like to crock cook!! hee hee

    I went to Williams Sonoma while we were in Northern Ca on Friday. There was this very expensive, very nice looking crock cooker! I bet it does the same as mine so I just admired it and walked on! This is my daughters favorite store!

  2. I was going to ask for the recipe too! I love this kind of soup - and I always use fresh cilantro in my homemade salsa! YUM!

  3. Yes, Karen, you have it bad when you base your meals on what you find in your yard! ha

    Sounded good tho!


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