Friday, October 31, 2008

What do you see

when you look at this picture of Allison?

Our church has had "Trunks full of treats" for the past several years on Halloween. This year, besides the trick-or-treating in the parking lot, they had a bounce house, photos, games, horse-drawn wagon rides, and crafts. I opted out of passing out treats this year because while it normally starts out pleasant enough, the temperature quickly drops to about -15ยบ and I freeze. Therefore, I'm taking all the credit for the balmy temps they enjoyed tonight. If I had been there, I'm certain it would have felt arctic. I went grocery shopping instead. Do I know how to have a good time or what?

Julianne was asked to help register the kids who had photos taken and Allison was asked to help out with crafts. Allison still wanted to trick or treat, though, so she decided on an easy costume that wouldn't hinder her from doing crafts.

She dressed as a waitress. That's what you're supposed to think when you look at the picture. One woman from our church, a staunch Democrat (like a certain aunt of mine who shall remain unnamed), saw her and asked if she was supposed to be Sarah Palin. Allison said "No, I'm a waitress."

She dropped some candy in Allison's bag and said "Oh, good thing, because if you were Sarah Palin, I wouldn't be able to give you any candy."

Her husband walked up and she told him "She's Sarah Palin!" Allison muttered "No, I'm a waitress."

I'm sorry Aunt Sharon. Please tell me you still love Allison, even if she does look a bit like a Republican.

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  1. Interesting, no glasses, no updo and I have never seen Sarah Palin dressed in a dark skirt and sweater outfit like that...other than that she looks just like SP. Not! Maybe an apron would have helped? She could have been a chef, the dinner she sent home to us the other night was delicious! Thanks Allison:>) xoxo

  2. She is wearing an apron-it is black, tho, and blends in with the rest of the outfit.

    She thinks having her hair in a bun was part of what made Kathy think she was SP.

  3. hee hee -

    I hope the gal was just teasing about not giving her any candy!

    I guess I wouldn't have guessed waitress either though!

  4. I would have said a young gal from an English movie. Maybe?? Sarah Palin doesn't wear black stockings, that should have been the give-a-way that she wasn't. Although I would say stand up and be proud they thought that!!

  5. I love all of you unconditionaly. As the only bleeding heart liberal in this conservative family I could never let misinformed political opinions effect my feelings for you. I can see no resemblance whatever to SP. She is just the beautiful Allison. BTW good job on the school pix mom. They look very good, but look at the material you had to work with!! LAS


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