Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy sisters

As part of her prayers, Allison often will ask God to "keep us safe wherever we are going tomorrow". Tonight it went like this instead: "Please help us to have a safe drive wherever we are going today...tomorrow...I don't know...I love, Amen." By this point, Clarence and I were laughing out loud.

It brought to mind a few other distinctly "Allison" memories.

She has used "Amen" instead of goodbye a couple of times on the phone.

Years ago, when Julianne's room was being painted, Allison wanted to be allowed to sleep in the living room with her so she promised "I'll be peace and quiet!"

She once (she was quite young) saw a man walking a large, light brown dog and said "That man has a deer for a pet."

In Florida, when we were visiting my inlaws one winter, she was excited to tell a joke to anyone she could.

The joke was "How did they name Canada?"
"They drew some letters out of a hat."
"C, eh?"
"N, eh?",
"D, eh?"
"That's enough".

She became quite friendly with a couple down the street from her grandparents. We warned her not to tell them that joke, as they are Canadians and might be offended by it. "Too late" she answered. Thankfully, they laughed with her and weren't offended.

Of course, I'd hate to leave Julianne out of things.

When she was little, she once told me "I need some medicine. I've got a temper."

I'm sure much of this is of the you-had-to-be-there variety but tonight I'm laughing all over again at my crazy kids. I've had a difficult day and they are like sunshine to my spirit. I am so blessed to share life with them.

Of course, the chocolate/chocolate chip muffins Julianne made for dessert didn't hurt either. ;-)

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  1. They're crazy alright! Crazy sweet, crazy beautiful, crazy smart...I could go on and on:>) I love you girls!

  2. How funny! Aren't memories fun! I wrote down on a paper and kept this one from my oldest who is now 24.
    "Adam and Eve took big leaves and stapled them together to hide them!"

    Staples!!! What a great tool!

  3. I love kids! They are so terrific aren't they?

    Yours sound like a lot of fun!


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