Friday, October 17, 2008

Completed baby gifts

The shower is tomorrow. I just finished the gifts. I am such a procrastinator.

I ended up using the flannel I purchased first on the burp cloths. I just love the softness of the flannel for next to the baby's face.

I kept debating about using the cotton that matches the fleece on the burp cloths (that was part of the procrastination problem) and ultimately decided that I didn't like the way the design looked when I measured the correct size piece. But what to do with the matching fabric?

Clarence suggested a corn cuddler like I've made for all of us, with a sham that matched the blanket. What a great idea! I used to put a hot water bottle in the crib before bedtime. My girls usually nursed themselves to sleep and, if the bed was warm, I could lay them in it without waking them. If I had known about corn cuddlers back then, I would have used one-much easier and stays warm so much longer.

So, I'm not actually done with the gifts. I still need to make an instruction tag for the corn cuddlers and wrap it all.

Almost done. And the shower is still 11 hours away. Lots of time to spare.
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  1. Karen,

    I must admit my ignorance of corn cuddlers. I gather it is something to do with a heat source but will you show yours when you get it finished?


  2. What a darling set! You are so creative. I love the corn cuddler idea. Now I wish someone I know would have a baby so I could copy you!

  3. Karen I like this corn cuddler idea. Where was is 17,20, 22 and 24 years ago????

    I have to tell Alicia about this as she has one. I know I borrow it a lot!!!

    Where do you find the dried corn??

    An inquiring mind wants to know!!


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