Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating worms

We had another great co-op day today. It is always so much fun to see our friends and spend the day together. Our family lives about an hour and a half from the rest of them-but they are worth the drive.

I remembered to get a picture of Julianne's crocheted worm today.

Somehow, a pink yarn worm doesn't seem as disgusting to me as Allison's edible worm looked.

She told everyone what her worm was made of before she ate it, so no homeschooled kids were grossed out in the conducting of this exercise.

One of the families brought this wormery. It was pretty interesting to watch the worms tunneling in it.

Here is our snack. Green, orange, blue, red, and yellow neon worms. Makes you hungry, doesn't it? Or not.
I really want to know whose idea it was to make candy worms in the first place. That is just odd, don't you think?
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  1. Yes, I worm cake is odd. I remember when I Taught sixth grade we had cup cakes...with worms in them...or something like that....
    Dirt cake maybe? In a bucket? I didn't eat any! ha

    Love your web. And thanks for the calendar....I love it. Now...if I could just get to updating my blog!

  2. I think the gummy worms look pretty yummy! They dont have that slick brown look that the peanut butter ones had :>P The crochet worm is cute too, but you can't really eat it can you?


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