Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesdays are busy days for us.

The girls have swim lessons after lunch, we rush home for a quick dinner, then back to town for quiz practice followed by church. Whew!

This is Julianne swimming some of her endless laps for class. They "warm up" by swimming 5oo yards.

They have to tread water for at least 9 minutes.

They practice all their different strokes.

Allison has it a little easier in her level. She *only* has a 200 yard warm up.

Allison has tinted goggles, Julianne's are clear. I'm not sure I'd know which was which in these pictures otherwise.

I took these pictures last week. It is so nice to see them swim so well. When they were little and started lessons, they were afraid to jump off the edge of the pool into the shallow water.

They've come a long way.
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