Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brag Alert

Yesterday was the first Bible quiz of the year for the girls. Quizzing is such an important ministry to our family. What else makes teenagers passionate about studying God's word?
Since our girls were the only two from our church attending the quiz, they quizzed as a two person team. They do "jump quizzing" and a two person team automatically puts you at a disadvantage. But they were fine with that. They love to quiz.
I'll try to explain jump quizzing a bit. Two teams sit in chairs facing each other. Each quizzer is sitting on a "seat", which is placed on the seat of the chair. The quiz seats are wired to a box equipped with lights and a buzzer. As a quizzer jumps off the seat, the buzzer sounds and the box lights up, giving the order in which the quizzers got off their seats. Only the first four off the seats show on the box and have a chance to give an answer.
The quizmaster, timer, and scorekeeper sit behind a table at the end of the quizzers, facing the box at the opposite end. If a quizzer jumps before the quizmaster is finished reading a question, it is a pre-jump and the quizzer has 20 seconds to complete the question, then another 20 seconds to answer. As the kids become better quizzers, more pre-jumping takes place. It gets pretty intense.
If a quizzer answers five questions in a round, they have "quizzed out" and have to sit out the remaining questions. Julianne makes it her goal to quiz out in every round. She didn't manage it in every round yesterday but she came close. That, of course, left Allison alone against the other team-one of the disadvantages of a two person team.
They lost one round out of four which gave them second place as a team.

It's a traveling trophy, which is why Julianne is holding the little plate. Our church mounts the plate on a wooden plaque in the entryway.

The blue ribbon is a quote ribbon, earned by saying all the specific memory verses for the month. (This month there were only four.) They must be quoted verbatim, with the references, to get a ribbon. The green ribbon is awarded to every quizzer who quizzes out in at least one round.
The girls also competed in individual competitions. Julianne took first place in the Young Teen Veteran division, Allison took first in the Young Teen Rookie division. Julianne doesn't have her medal in the picture but Allison pinned hers to her shirt.
They both work hard to do well but are good sports when they lose. They make us so proud.
Brag is over. We now return you to our regular schedule.
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  1. yay, I cn see the pictures! Congratulations girls, I love you!

    Aunt Kathy

  2. That is awesome! All that memorizing will stay with them, what better thing to memorize than the Word?!

  3. How fun! We have participated in Bible quizzing for years! My daughter was a champion quizzer and she is now a quiz master for Detroit Bible Quizzing. Such a wonderful ministry...this is my first year not coaching :( This Saturday quizzing begins :)


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