Thursday, October 23, 2008

New wallet

Remember the latest skunk incident?

One casualty of that escapade was Clarence's wallet. His very special, he-doesn't-want-any-other-kind, wallet. The only kind of wallet he has carried since buying the first one at a craft show over 20 years ago.

A couple days after the "incident", I called Mike Barnes, the guy who crafts these incredible wallets, and ordered a new one for Clarence. I didn't think to ask Mike how long it would take for him to make it and send it out so the girls and I have been faithfully checking the mail every day before Clarence gets home, hoping to intercept the package.

Today was the big day.

Mike calls this style of wallet a "sidebill". The part on the left folds over to the right, then it closes like a regular bifold wallet. That part where he stamps his name and "Calfskin" is a coin pocket. It really is cool.

Then there is the outside of the wallet. Isn't it great?

You can choose the design in the leather. I don't remember all he offers but I think there is a choice of deer, fish, or several types of leaves. I know he makes other styles of wallets, too-of course, I only need the sidebill type.

I've seen blogs encouraging folks to "shop with real, live people" for their holiday shopping so I decided to give Mike a plug here. His website doesn't have a lot there yet but his contact info is listed, along with a small picture of the leather switchplate covers he also makes. Great stuff! Men are often so hard to buy for and Mike's work is unique and beautiful. I think his prices are excellent, too.

Clarence has continued to carry his old wallet these last three weeks. He joked with the employees at the bank and feed store about his skunky wallet and stinky money. Thing is, after a week or two, the smell dissipated. Who knew?

His old wallet is showing some wear. Now his new wallet is waiting in the wings, ready for when he finally decides the skunky one has to go.

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  1. I love the happy ending to a story! Especially a skunk story!!

    I am all for handmade if I could wing it! I have over 20 embroideries waiting to give away. I just have to figure out what to do with them!

  2. You are so good! I would probably never think to get the contact info and keep it from a craft show. Does Clarence know you got it or are you saving it for Christmas? He must know if you are blogging it!

  3. That is an awesome wallet! I will definately keep it in mind for my hubby.


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