Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amish Acres

I didn't take many pictures at Amish Acres the other day but thought I'd subject you to looking at some of the ones I do have.

They have a schoolhouse set up, ready for the students. One interesting thing I didn't remember hearing before is that they don't give homework. The guide said that the Amish feel that schoolwork should be done during school hours so chores around the house can be done at home to teach responsibility. I'm thinking a lot of "English" students would like that rule.

I have an unnatural fixation with this drying house. Do I dry things in my electric dehydrator? Not often. Still, I find it so cool that they can fit 13 bushels of apple slices in the trays in this building. I don't even like dried apples. But it's still cool.

Clarence, on the other hand, has a fixation with this brick oven. He really wants to build one here. I gave him my camera and let him click to his heart's content. Consequently, none of the pictures show you the whole thing because he was focusing on details that interested him. I'll be sure to let you know when he builds one for me. ;-)

The drying house is the first small building behind those things I'm trying to ignore. Next to that is the brick oven building.

Did I mention I gave my camera to Clarence? You can kinda tell, can't you? Pictures of fowl are not something I would usually take.

Julianne and I were moving away from this scene as fast as we could because we thought the turkeys looked mean.

I think Allison was hoping to pet them.
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  1. Or get a leash on one of them! ~:>

  2. Aww, c'mon Karen, those turkeys look like they were just as sweet as little lambs, and cuddly too! Amish Acres looks like fun:>)

  3. I would love to go to Amish Acres! My honey and I are hoping to go to Amish Country in Penn sometime in the near future. Thanks for sharing and visiting;)

  4. That is funny about the turkeys! We live in the midst of Amish Country in PA.

    Thanks for sharing your trip.


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