Friday, September 26, 2008


Clarence and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Wednesday. Tuesday, as has been our habit for most of those years, we headed down to Indiana for a few days of rest and relaxation.

There are a few places we go every year. We usually spend a little time at the flea market, although it isn't the main draw for us, E & S Sales (a bulk food store where we stock up on lots of things), Yoder's Hardware and Fabric store,

Cornucopia, to look for dish towels and check out the other cute stuff they always have.

A few years ago, an Amish man named Clarence started a kettle corn stand. It has been added to the list of places we simply must go. ;-)

Of course, we have to have a Jo-Jo's whole wheat, no butter, no salt pretzel (and no picture, either).

We visit the Bonneyville Mill to buy whole wheat flour and ooh and ahhh over the dahlia garden there.

We visited our dear friends who moved to Indiana a couple years ago and spent the first night with them. We talked and laughed and had a great time. Our friends took us to some new places for pictures of our pastor's pig puppet for the other blog. They got into helping us with ideas and we laughed some more.
We took the girls to Amish Acres, which Clarence and I had visited before kids but the girls had never seen.

We even ran into my inlaws' Amish neighbors in a restaurant where we decided to eat lunch on Thursday. It's a small, small world. [Sorry, you'll now have that song stuck in your head.] ;-)
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  1. How fun!! My in-laws live in Lancaster Co, PA and have Amish neighbors. Someday a trip to Indiana sounds fun!! MMMmmm I like Kettle corn too!!

    Could you email me please and tell me what you do with the fabric before you add it to the diapers and how you do that? Does is show on the other side??? Where do you get cloth diapers these days?? I know, a lot of questions!!

  2. Hey Keeka, Happy Anniversary! I miss you all, but Shipshewana sounds like tons of fun. Is SAU on the way? Because you TOTALLY could have stopped by.... I miss hugs a lot. I love you!


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