Thursday, September 18, 2008

A trip to Detroit

Although I love Detroit's Eastern Market, I don't make the trip very often. It's a long drive and I seldom need to go. However, Karmanos Cancer Center is only a couple blocks away, and since Mom has to go there anyhow, we sometimes stop over at the market afterward.

Today they were surprisingly quick about seeing Mom and getting us out of there. We waited over 5 hours on one particularly bad day down there, and then had to go to the infusion center as well, so getting done before noon was a pretty big deal to us today.

On to Eastern Market!

One of my favorite places in the market area is R. Hirt Jr. It's a three story shop but so old there isn't an elevator (there is one for stock, just not one for customers). This is looking down on the main floor from the stairs. They are known for their huge selection of cheeses. I love cheese but I have never purchased cheese from them. Do you think I'm allowed to talk about them, having never purchased their cheese?

These are the stairs you climb if you want to see what they have up on the third floor. This second floor doesn't have much, mostly just clearance and damaged merchandise. There isn't a lot of display room on this floor.

Although I did spy these strange potato mashers on the second floor. Anybody ever used one of these?

The third floor is completely different from the other two floors. It has gift and decorative items. And baskets. Billions of baskets. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. More like millions of baskets. Or maybe just a few less? Lots and lots of baskets. Yeah, that's it.

Then there's the odd train just thrown in to see if you're paying attention, I guess. I thought it was cute but one of the wheels-or the axle?-was broken on the back side.

Check out this find. I'm sure the pig puppet will have lots to say about this, at least once he's done with some of his traveling.

I took some other pictures but will have to post them tomorrow.

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