Monday, September 29, 2008

Bulk food

This is part of what we bought at E & S (a bulk food store) last week in Shipshewana.

That big rectangular thing in the back is a block of Co-Jack cheese. It was $1.98/#, which is a price I can't seem to get close to anymore at home. It was 12.5#, quite a bit to deal with at one time but worth it for the price. I planned to shred it in my Cuisinart, bag, and freeze. Only problem was that when I shredded the first batch in the food processor, I was unhappy with how it came out. The thin shreds were fine but the way they tangled together wasn't. I reached into the bowl to get some and it came out in a ball that I couldn't easily disentangle. Time for a plan B. The hand shredder. Not my first choice, but it worked.

Then there are all the dry goods.

Kathy painted strawberries on a blue quart jar years ago as part of a birthday gift to me. It's starting to lose the design but I still love it. The rest of my collection of blue jars came from my mom or my inlaws and have mostly been taking up valuable real estate, not being used. Since they are all regular, not wide, mouth jars, I may regret using them for storage. It may be too difficult to retrieve the ingredients when I need them. We'll see. At least they are out of the plastic bags.

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  1. Oh goodness, I had forgotten about that silly old jar! I am glad you like it though. Earl and I are planning a little excursion to Shipsie soon too.


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