Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doughnut and cookie cutters

For Fat Tuesday this year, I made doughnuts (fried cakes, actually), for the girls. I suppose if I'm honest, I made them for Clarence and myself as well. Sugar, deep-frying, chocolate glaze...what's not to love? The girls immediately decided that it was a new tradition-so heaven help me if I don't remember next year.

That adventure was when I discovered that my doughnut cutter was sort of broken. It's an aluminum one with a plastic handle and a couple rivets on the inside that hold the center. The hole cutter screws in for doughnuts, comes out for cutting biscuits. Every doughnut I cut, I had to re-insert the center into the cutter.

I tried to buy a new one but couldn't find one anywhere locally. Is doughnut making a lost art? Have they all been snatched up to go in hope chests of girls who want to marry cops? Have the powers-that-be decided we don't need holes in our doughnuts?

Saturday, as we strolled around the flea market at the Octagon Barn, we happened upon a stall that had several vintage doughnut cutters. A couple of them were similar in style to the one I already had, but with red wooden handles instead of plastic. I ended up choosing this one with the fixed center because it.can't.come.loose.

On our way home, we stopped by Clarence's folks' house for a visit. While there, my mil gave us these old cookie cutters that came from Clarence's grandma. Aren't they cool?

Somehow, I've managed to avoid making doughnuts and cookies since bringing these all home Saturday.

I think the girls are secretly plotting for that to change.

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  1. Those are great! I love the line about the girls who want to marry cops taking all the donut cutters *snort* good one:>)


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