Monday, September 15, 2008

How bad is this?

When we went to visit Mom on her birthday, I noticed a stack of old linens on her table.
This dresser scarf was in the stack. I grabbed it out to take a look.

I asked Mom what she was going to do with the stack. "Give it to Kathy" was the reply.
Aww, man, too late again.
Then Mom asked if I would like this piece. She told me that it is 50 years old-she made it between graduating from high school and getting married in 1958.
I feel kinda bad for snatching it before Kathy had a chance at it. Only a little bad.

I think it's beautiful and it will be nice to use on my island as a table runner.
I'm sorry Kathy.
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  1. It's gorgeous! Hopefully Kathy won't mind sharing. :0)

  2. Honestly it is survival of the fittest when it comes to linens - especially hand embroidered ones.

    It is a beautiful piece. Enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for the visit...and comment about the cookbook! It sounds as though we have a couple of things in common...good cookbooks and pretty linens.

    Yesterday, while checking out a couple of "sales", I discovered some beautiful old linens, embroidered many years ago and some old hankies...both of which I had to buy and bring home!!



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