Friday, September 19, 2008

R. Hirt Jr.

I must admit my lack of fondness for chickens. I know, I know, I've blogged about "our" (I use that word very loosely) chickens in the past but I really don't like chickens. I actually am not an animal person at all. I do like our cat, but that's pretty much it for animals and me.

These pictures from R. Hirt Jr. were obviously taken for all of you who, like Kathy, like chickens. All the red, and the chickens, reminded me of her. She doesn't put chickens everywhere or anything like that, but she has a few chicken things in her red kitchen. And I like it-it looks good. But it isn't for me.

You see, I already have to tolerate chickens out back. I cannot allow them to take over the inside of my house as well.

Clarence had chickens years ago and had gotten rid of them. On a trip to Eastern Market one Saturday, in a moment of weakness, I told him I'd buy him a chicken from one of the vendors. He was astounded to say the least. He kept pinching himself and asking aloud who I was and what had I done with his wife?

I asked the vendor how much a chicken was. He answered that you can't just buy one chicken. They get lonely. (I wondered how Clarence had managed to signal this guy so subtly.) So, we came home with two roosters.

Explain to me how we now, years later, have 35 chickens out back. From two roosters. Obviously, chicken math is a subject I failed.

I had to include these pictures as well. I'm not a decorator by any stretch of the imagination. We put up decorations for Christmas and if the girls think of it, they make an Easter tree.

You bloggers have sucked me in.

I picked up some of these pumpkins and looked them over yesterday. Never would I have done that in the past.

I'm apparently not completely sucked in yet, though. I still have that dominant frugal/cheap gene that wouldn't allow me to pay $20-$40 for one pumpkin. But to think I actually lingered there looking at them.

This is one more shot up on the third floor. Don't you think these birch bark trees are great? I like the birdhouse, too. And the benches.

It's good for my budget that I have no idea where I could put any of this stuff.

I did buy one basket with a fall design on the side. We'll see if I can find a cute way to use it before fall has passed us by.
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  1. Is this a separate store from the big R. Hirt store? Looks like it is full of lovely goodies. You and I need to head down there together some time.


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