Thursday, September 4, 2008

Julianne's flowers

Last year, our science course was a botany study. One of the activities it suggested was to plan and plant a butterfly garden. Since we were getting into the cold weather at the time, planning was all the girls were able to do. Allison was never very interested in the implementation of those plans but Julianne was anxiously awaiting spring so she could get started.

Julianne started several varieties of flowers from seed in Clarence's greenhouse and direct sowed some others once it warmed up. She talked her dad into helping her build an arbor out of tree branches he trimmed and started morning glories so they could grow up and cover it. As you can see from the background, it's still pretty wild around her little garden. It's on the other side of the driveway and the propane tank sits in that area. It's a hard area to maintain so we've mostly let it go. She has had to carve her garden out of the wilderness.

These little bits of color, however, are clearly visible from the kitchen window. It's a kind of gloomy day today but I looked out first thing this morning and saw these pretty splashes of color. It made me smile.
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  1. Very pretty, I see snapdragons and nicotiana? I know the hummingbirds LOVE nicotiana! I love your morning glories too. Were they all from the same seeds?

  2. We love our butterfly bushes that we planted around our house. We also have purple cone flower, black eyed susan,and finally my Scarlet O'Hara morning glory has bloomed! The birds, butterflies and bees just love it all!

    btw - we did botany last year as well.


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