Monday, September 8, 2008

Purdy house

Shortly after arriving at the Octagon barn on Saturday, we decided to tour the house.

As we stepped into the house, a lady was playing the melodian.

We passed through that room and entered the dining room. It had decorative plates up on a plate rail on the wall, a fully set table, the first of many finely dressed dress forms we would see, and this buffet set up for tea. The girls and I are always drawn to teacups.

We moved on to the kitchen. Don't you just love the row of windows over the sink? We noticed the shortage of cabinet space. The closest thing we saw to a counter top was the rough table on the right in the picture. Give me my beautiful counters any day.

As we went upstairs, we came to this room. If all the rooms were in this shape when they started, it's hard to imagine how much work the restorers have done.

We saw several bedrooms, most with dress forms on display.

Can you make out the doily covering the seat of that chair?

This room had sewing supplies, dolls, and the old Singer sewing machine.

I took this picture simply because I thought the quilt was neat and loved the crocheted edge on the pillowcase.
The wallpaper is cool, too, don't you think?

There are many more pictures of the house but posting pictures with dial-up tests my patience and I hit my limit with this many.
Hope you liked the mini-tour.

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  1. What a great old house, thanks for the pictures. Will you share more tomorrow?

  2. I really do like the windows across the kitchen!! Plus they are bright white!


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