Saturday, August 9, 2008

Attention Vintage linen groupies!

I must admit that tho I love vintage things, I simply don't own very many. Particularly not vintage linens. But the girls spent a couple nights with Grandpa and Grandma this week-so Julianne now does own some great vintage linens.

My very dear mother-in-law taught and encouraged Julianne and Allison to crochet and tat. (I can't do either.) Julianne started crocheting doilies last summer (I think) and has been cranking them out surprisingly quickly ever since. She does beautiful work.

Grandma thought Julianne might enjoy having some handwork done by her mother, who happens to have been born 100 years before Julianne. I am just a little envious-but not too envious because I've been the grateful recipient of some wonderful stuff from my mil in the past.
Julianne brought home three boxes packed with treasures. Grandma thinks these were mostly made before her mother got married-that once she was married and the children started arriving, there simply wouldn't have been time to do this.
I love the little details in these pieces. The tatted edgings, the darling flowers on the piece below...

It's all gorgeous. Some pieces are showing their age but are still so pretty. Julianne was so thrilled that Grandma gave these to her-and I think Grandma was equally tickled that Julianne loved them all so much.
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  1. Julianne, you are so lucky! These linens are so beautiful and so special that they were made by your great grandmother. I love the little flowers on one of the pieces:>)

  2. Those are lovely.

    I think it is wonderful that your girls have learned those wonderful skills.

    What a true gifts.


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