Monday, August 25, 2008

Strawberry tower-harvest

Are you sick of hearing about the strawberry tower yet?

The everbearing plants we put in half of the tower are starting to get ripe berries. It seems strange to pick strawberries in August, doesn't it?

The harvest yesterday was not huge, to say the least, but Clarence and I were pretty happy anyhow.

Yep, five strawberries. Quite exciting, isn't it? LOL

These didn't seem as sweet as the June berries usually are. But, hey, fresh picked strawberries in August-pretty cool!

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We also are watching to see how many chicks hatch in this round of incubating eggs. Allison was downstairs checking on them as soon as she was done with her morning routine today. So far, there are five brown leghorns but no Americanas (green egg chickens...and what the first two chicks we hatched earlier this spring are).

Clarence didn't expect them to start hatching until today but the first one hatched yesterday morning. Allison is delighted and back in full mother hen mode. She is planning to teach them to eat and drink today.

I'll try to get some pictures later of the new babies and their adoptive "mama".
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  1. Oh how awesome! Those berries are just beautiful. I am looking out the bedroom window at the peach tree and there are some that look ripe! I'll have to check later. Went shopping with Vicky this morning, not for long because my back is spazzing, ugh, I need to lay down later. Wow, I didnt expect to write a whole letter here:>) lol, too much info?

  2. Spelling Nazi Says: "I thought it was Americaunas!"

  3. SN-I thought it was too. But since chickens are NOT my area of expertise, I consulted Murray McMurray for the correct spelling. The spelling I used is what I found there.

    I can't believe I'm having this in-depth a discussion about CHICKENS! Ick!

  4. Ooo, strawberries! Our season for home grown is long over! boo hoo. Yours look lovely!


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