Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blackberry picking

Don't they look beautiful?
My girls absolutely love to pick berries. Pretty much any kind of berries. They picked some of these blackberries last week and thought there'd be lots more this week-so we offered to pick some for our friend whose son is getting married this weekend. The groom's sister and dad joined us to make the work go faster. Julianne and Allison enjoyed having their friend along!

These grow wild, in a secret location (don't I sound like a morel mushroom hunter?), and are so sweet.
We have snagged clothes and scratched arms, but are glad to help Vickie a little as she prepares for the wedding.

Tomorrow the girls and I will join her in actual food preparation. These berries are going on fruit kebobs. Doesn't that sound fun? And yummy?
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