Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plant identification help

While at Unc's yesterday, I snapped some pictures of these flowers. Unc graciously let us dig some up last year, but they were put aside and forgotten, so they died. This is surprising, actually, because if you look closely at these pictures, you can see some brown dead stuff in the background. That is Unc's attempt to kill these beautiful flowers with Round-up. The weeds died but the flowers continue to thrive. You'd think they could languish in plastic bags, forgotten, for a couple years and still survive, wouldn't you?

Unc wants to pour concrete over them. He says if they survive that, he'll let 'em live. LOL

Clarence and Julianne think they look like a type of hollyhock. I guess I can see that-but I'm puzzled as to why our hollyhocks always seem to lose their leaves to bugs and these don't seem to have a bug hole anywhere. I wonder...could it be the Round-up?

Remind me not to drink the well water at Unc's, ok?

So, anybody know if these are, indeed, hollyhocks? They're only 3-4 feet tall. Is there a shorter, bug-resistant variety?

Or is that the "Round-up effect"?
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  1. Hi sis, I actually grew sopme of these from seed a few years ago. Mine were more pink but they were indeed a type of hollyhock, or rather in the mallow family. I wish I could remember the name! I need to tell Uncle that I'll be glad to come dig them up and replant them in my garden!

  2. This is Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina', it only gets about 3 feet at the max. See more here: It's a great plant to have in your garden, I hope you enjoy it

  3. Thanks, Bettina!

    I appreciate the link-lots of great pictures there.


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