Monday, August 18, 2008

How our garden grows

Here are a couple pictures of the strawberry tower as it has filled in with strawberry plants. When Clarence was building it, he installed an automatic watering system which we hooked to a timer. The tower gets 30 minutes of water a day and the tubing (which you may or may not be able to see in the second picture) has emitters built into it so the water is fairly evenly distributed to the plants right at the soil.

Half of the plants we bought were the ever-bearing type so we are seeing an occasional strawberry even now. Generally, the chipmunks get to them before we do.

Julianne's basil is growing really well, too. I pinched a few flowers off it when I was taking pictures this morning. Time to make some pesto! Yum! The bell peppers are doing well, too. Can you see that one in the background?

These are some flowers Julianne started from seed this spring. They are impatiens but don't look like any impatiens I've ever seen. The variety name is "Tom Thumb" and although I think they have pretty flowers up close, I don't really like how much green you see when you stand back from them. I picture a lot more color when I think "impatiens".

We have VBS every night this week and I've been drafted to be the kitchen lady so it will be a busy week for us. I also need to get the girls signed up for swim classes this fall, get some things for a funeral dinner, order some more curriculum, and the list goes on. Hopefully, I'll find some time to get some pesto in the freezer around all the other errands that need to be done.
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  1. I think you got some great results on those impatiens, I never have any luck with flowers grown from seed. The basil looks gret, do you have a cheap source of pine nuts?

  2. Hi Karen...I see you live in Michigan, too...whereabouts?

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