Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday girl

It's the annual anniversary of my 29th birthday. I'm not sayin' how many anniversaries there have been.
My dear, darling husband had flowers delivered to me.
We went out for Mexican for dinner. The waitress heard me talking about my birthday so they put this crazy sombrero on me, sang me a weird song, then brought out the strangest fried ice cream I've ever seen. It was coated in crushed corn flakes. Not fried, as far as we could tell, just crushed corn flakes. And I just need to know-am I the only one who is very scared of wearing a community hat? If I get lice, I'll certainly know *exactly* where they came from.
Then we came home and ate cake Julianne had made for me. Of course, the candles were mostly trick candles. Very funny. Not! After too many of those complimentary chips and salsa at the restaurant, I couldn't finish the whole (huge) piece Clarence served me. She did a great job on the cake, though.
I got some great presents, too. My mom came to visit earlier today and gave me a really cool Snoopy card and a new cookbook that looks like it will be a lot of fun. The card has a little crank that starts playing "Peanuts" music when you crank it. I am easily amused, I guess, because I've had a lot of fun cranking that silly card all day.
Julianne gave me some pattern weights that I have eyeballed for quite a while but been unwilling to pay the price to get. I'm anxious to see how well they work.

Allison got me rechargeable batteries and a charger to go with...drum roll, please...

(read this like the announcer on "The Price is Right")...the new digital camera Clarence bought me. It's a Fuji with 12x optical zoom.

Hence the pictures of the girls. Had to play around with it a little, at least. I've not been excited about digital photography but since starting blogging, I've been borrowing the girls' cameras or having them take photos for me. Now Julianne is really looking forward to paybacks. ;-)
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  1. AAaaaargh! I can't believe I forgot to call you sis! I am a total pig!~ Happy Birthday belatedly and I'll make it yup to you Sunday. Promise! You don't even look 29, I would say 19 is more like it....and so the big suck up begins:>)

    P.S. the picture of you in the sombrero is adorable!


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