Monday, August 11, 2008

Recent garage sale finds

In the past, I've never spent too much time on garage sales. I never seemed to find anything good so I felt it was a waste of time.

Last Friday, coming home from town, I saw a neon green sign. Not expecting much-it was Friday, after all-I followed the signs, since it was on my way home anyhow. My first impression was that there didn't seem to be a whole lot of stuff for sale but we got out anyway. As I started looking around it became obvious that this was a family of homeschoolers...and there, standing on the corner of a table was this:
The very curriculum I was planning to order! I looked it over-beautiful, unused condition. I asked how much it was as it wasn't marked. The lady explained that it contained two modules (which I know run $100 each), and that they had stopped using it before really getting into the second module. So, she explained, she'd have to have $35 for it, since the second module was unused. I even had $40 in my wallet-an unusual occurrence. I felt so blessed! I had been feeling bad about procrastinating ordering the curriculum I need for this fall and God led me to a better deal than I could've gotten anywhere else.
While on the topic of garage sales...three of these cups and saucers came from a sale while Allison was at camp. Julianne asked if we could go to garage sales as her special treat while Allison was gone. We went to one that was advertised as having scrapbooking supplies and found the whole subdivision was having sales that day. While she checked out the scrapbooking sale (it was a dud), I was next door getting these tea cups. (The stand that is holding them was a birthday gift from dsil Kathy. I love it!)

I might be a garage sale convert yet!
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  1. What a great deal on the curriculum! I hope the family selling it didn't abandon it because it was hard to follow or something:>P
    I love the cups and saucers you found! How great do they look on that stand?

  2. Love,love, love the tea cups!

    Oh and that is a great deal on the algebra! We use that with my daughter (she loves it!) and we paid WAY more than $35.00!

    Isn't it great how God blesses us?!


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