Saturday, August 2, 2008

Front yard garden update

The weeds have taken over all our gardens. July was just too busy to keep up with weeding so today we started working on catching up. Clarence worked in the back yard garden-weeding, staking up tomatoes, rototilling some stuff that didn't grow, planting another row of green beans, and probably a million other things.
I pulled some giant weeds in the regular garden, in order to see how the bush cherry plants were doing. Seriously, the weeds were so thick and tall I couldn't see the cherries. Yikes. Then I went out and started the clean-up out front. The wheelbarrow in the background is full of weeds we pulled. I had Allison weed "her" terrace, with the green peppers and nicotiana. Then she mowed the lawn and helped Clarence mulch her terrace with the grass clippings. Her green peppers are really doing well.
Belle doesn't do too much to help. But he's good company when he doesn't trip you.
Here's an updated picture of the strawberry tower. The plants are sending out runners so we've got to do something with them. We're also trying to figure out how we will winterize this thing. I can't imagine that the strawberries will do well if they freeze and thaw multiple times all winter.
There's still lots more weeding to do but I've had enough for today.
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