Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Non-Reunion

Today was our family non-reunion. It is called a "non" reunion because certain unnamed members of my family (my dear brother, Earl) harbor strong negative feelings toward "reunions" and refuse to attend such events.

Clarence cooked our grilled pizzas.

We had a very special new member of the family with us for the first time. Little Nicholas was the star of the day. Isn't he a beautiful baby?

Uncle hosts the, NON-reunion...each year. He's got some housekeeping ideas that we tease him about...and he's also got this very unique approach to bathroom accessorizing. At first, he just clamped the tissue holder to the vanity. In a flash of absolute brilliance, he added the hand towel to the arrangement.

Did you already guess that he's single?
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  1. I didnt go in the bathroom so I missed Uncle's fancy decorating:>(


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