Saturday, August 16, 2008

The wedding

Today was a perfect day for a wedding-and the wedding was perfectly beautiful.

Kevin and Hannah had one of the nicest wedding ceremonies I've been to in...well, maybe ever. Kevin surprised her at one point by leading her over to sit down toward the side of the platform, picking up his guitar, and singing a lovely song to her (which I'm sure he wrote).

I didn't get much in the way of pictures from the back row where we sat so we could slip out quickly-I only have pictures of food!
Here are the cakes my friend Vickie made.
Here are the fruit kebobs. All those scratches on our arms and hands picking blackberries-and you'll notice there are very few blackberries on the kebobs. They just fell apart too easily. We ended up putting them on the table in a bowl. They all disappeared. Did you notice the cute melon cut into shapes? We had hearts, bells, butterflies, tulips, daisies and a leaf shape. That was tough to do-I'm thankful I wasn't helping cut them out yesterday.

Our family and another family of four were the kitchen crew. We had fun and it went pretty smoothly. We are all going to sleep well tonight!
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