Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The chicken whisperer

Here is Allison with P'zilla, one of the two chicks we got from the last go-around with the incubator. Smoag, the other one, isn't as friendly so we aren't going to talk about him right now.

Allison and Clarence suspect that both P'zilla and Smoag are roosters. They are Americana (or Americauna, depending on who you ask) chickens...also known as Easter Eggers for the green eggs they lay. Well, the roosters don't lay green eggs. That would be peculiar if they did, wouldn't it?

Allison grabbed P'zilla this morning so we could show how big the chicks have gotten. As she stroked her...er, him...er, it...it seemed to doze.

Sure enough, P'zilla went to sleep.

Here we have one of the new baby chicks. It is a rose-combed brown leghorn. We have had nine hatch from this batch-but no more Americaunas have hatched.

Mama-hen Allison has been working with them to teach them to eat and drink. She thinks they've got it down now.

She is loving every minute of it.
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  1. I always wanted chickens... just to afraid of them to go out and get them! LOL Funny that the bird fell asleep!

  2. How I envy allison! I wanted chicks, but my husband got me a bee hive instead- also on my wish list. How much fun you all must be having!!


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